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The Scottish Rite is Masonry, constructively, in action. This is a perilous time in the history of our beloved country. These are days when every man must rally to the cause of freedom and loyalty, when love of country is sorely needed. There is no organization that holds freedom more dear or patriotism more of an ideal than the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Patriotic men do well to ally themselves with such an Order, that they may lend their strength, their talents, and their influence to the preservation of the principles upon which our great democracy was founded.

Freemasonry is engaged in building a temple, a temple not made with hands, but made up of dreams, the aspirations, the hopes, the inspired visions of humanity. Scottish Rite Masons are builders of that temple. Their prayers, their purposes, their efforts are intelligently directed toward that end, to create in the minds of men a place from which shall flow the light of toleration, humility, love of righteousness, devotion to truth and justice, which shall illuminate the world that is to be. This Rite of Freemasonry is committed to no particular social system; it fosters no political or intellectual propaganda. Rather, its mission is to create and stimulate in human hearts that pure sentiment that springs from a literal and wholehearted acceptance of the truth of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. To every Master Mason who is desirous of more light and a better understanding of Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite appeals, because:

It offers an unsurpassed field for the study of Masonry.

It enlarges upon and explains and applies the symbols of Masonry.

It exemplifies and makes clear the truths and allegory of the Blue Lodge.

It presents an unequaled opportunity for the practical demonstration of the teachings of Freemasonry.

It gives you a fellowship in its literature, with the deepest minds and purest character of Freemasonry.

It allows you to participate in the glorious work of spreading the word of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

It gives you a greater incentive to higher thoughts and nobler deeds, because of a greater knowledge of your responsibilities and the history of the institutions of the Scottish Rite.

It creates within you a greater love for chivalry; a greater respect for philosophy, and a never-ending love for your mother Lodge.

It inculcates patriotism, love of the flag, respect for law and order and undying loyalty to constitutional government.

It carries out the sublime principles of Masonry by cooperating in every way with the Blue Lodge, by maintaining an ever-increasing interest in Masonry.

It brings the Brethren from various Lodges together at frequent intervals whereby the spirit of Brotherhood and Fraternity is reflected in everyday living.

The Scottish Rite Degrees appeal to the mind and heart through the eye as well as through the ear. Instruction is given by drama, allegory and symbolism in the great lessons to be learned in history, music, the arts and sciences, Masonic philosophy, morality and various religions. The atmosphere of the sanctuary is not that of a schoolroom, but rather that of a gracious fellowship of learners who sit at the feet of the prophets and sages of all times, and imbibe inspiration from their words of wisdom.

“Learn, that you may be enabled to do good; and do so because it is right, finding in the act itself ample reward and recompense.”

“A Freemason should be a man of honor and of conscience, preferring his duty to everything beside, even to his life; independent in his opinions, and of good morals, submissive to the laws, devoted to humanity, to his country, to his family; kind and indulgent to his brethren, friend of all virtuous men, and ready to assist his fellows by all means in his power.”

– Albert Pike, 33°



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